Welcome to Addax Tactical

Founded in 2008, Addax Tactical is a family operated business that takes pride in offering Quality firearms, parts and accessories at reasonable prices, and we always make sure that we only use quality parts in all of our Addax Tactical Custom Shop AR15 Uppers and Rifles.

We are Integrity driven and we always do our best to help support our customer's reasonable expectations and needs, and we are always honest, courteous, and respectful.

We are Strong in our market diversity in the products we offer to our customers from our own Addax Tactical AR15 Lower Receivers, to various Tactical Firearms, Accessories and Gear from (but not limited to) Glock, FN, SIG, CZ, Colt, S&W, Ruger, IWI, H&K, LWRC, Daniel Defense, Colt, Remington, Voodo Tactical, Addax Tactical Customs, and many others.

We have a showroom location in the City of San Fernando, California, where we offer and sell a wide variety of California Compliant Firearms. We also sell Firearms to customers nationwide and we ship these firearms only to a verified FFL (Federal Firearms License) Dealer. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of any special needs and requirements to meet your local laws and regulations.

We sell directly to Law Enforcement Departments, and we can custom build Addax AR15 Rifles, Carbines and SBR's to meet your department's needs & requirements. Please contact us via email at  for more details.

Addax Tactical is Proud to be a Glock Blue Label Law Enforcement / Military Dealer